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Don't get caught by the banks!

When a mortgage term is ending, most of the big banks in Canada will send a renewal notice by mail usually one or two months prior to expiration. At this time, the banks tend to take advantage of our busy schedules by making it easy to sign on with them for another term.

However, they do not take the time to go through your current financials to see if shortening your amortization might be beneficial, for example. The worst part is that banks tend to offer you their posted rate with very little or no discount on these easy-to-sign renewal forms.

Nearly three quarters of Canadians sign this renewal without researching what the competition has to offer. We, at Super Brokers, are here to offer you the free expertise and resources so you can take advantage of the competitive mortgage market.

Get the Best possible mortgage rate

Mortgage rate discounting with Super Brokers starts between 1.00 to 1.75 percent!

Traditional "big bank" policy dictates that their mortgage agents be prepared to, at best, discount the posted rate by 0.10 to 0.75 percent. Of course, in order to get a fully discounted rate the bank likes to see your personal investment portfolio. Why should your net worth have anything to do with the discount you receive? At Mortgage Super Brokers, your discount is based on normal qualifying procedures such as credit worthiness and job stability, not how much money you have.

Super Brokers has access to over 35 lending institutions to find you the best possible mortgage to fit your needs. We do not work with one bank or one institution; we are an independent company with a sole purpose of finding you the best mortgage rate in Canada.

Apply Now to Renew Your Mortgage

Why make the switch to Super Brokers?

The big difference when using Super Brokers is service! We don't stop at the application. We assist you in gathering all information that the lender requires. Our national team of brokers can also assist you with picking the right legal representation, residential appraiser, home inspector and mortgage insurance required. We have the solutions to all of your mortgage related concerns. Unlike the big banks, we work harder to earn your business and to keep you coming back!

If you have any questions concerning your upcoming mortgage renewal, please ask us by filling out our mortgage renewal application.

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