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Private Financing in Canada

You do not have to rule out the purchase of a commercial property because traditional banks and lenders cannot provide the funding you need in the time you need it by. Private commercial lenders are available to fill in the gaps when you need financing quickly, or for a venture that traditional lenders are afraid to touch.

Super Brokers has access to a vast network of private lenders to find and secure the commercial financing your opportunity calls for. Private lenders will charge a higher rate and possible fees in lieu of the quick and short-term access to large funds they can afford.

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Private Commercial Financing

  • Points to Consider
  • Funds are granted with less criteria than traditional products are
  • Expedited access to loan amount
  • Interest rates can be greater than prime plus eight per cent
  • Fees can range between one to five per cent of the total loan amount
  • Tend to be geared to short-terms (less than 24 months), usually 90 days
  • Can be used during interim periods or while waiting for longer term products to be approved
  • Can be used to finance projects traditional lenders deem to risky, such as an independent hotel or restaurant

For your questions and inquiries on private commercial mortgages, contact a Super Brokers commercial mortgage specialist and discuss your specific financing needs. We will aid you in deducing the best method of securing the commercial funds you need. Begin today by completing our secure private mortgage application.

Our Disclaimer: Although we make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of our website, we recommend you use the above mortgage information as a guideline only. Mortgage Super Brokers makes no guarantees on product availability or the rates shown unless otherwise stated. Super Brokers always recommends that you consult a commercial mortgage broker using our online application before making any final decisions.
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