How to work with your Super Brokers listings

We've developed some simple software for our website that allows users to make changes to their listings in our appraiser and inspector directories easily. This page contains a few howto's to help you get started maintaining your listings.

You may also consider getting your listing featured on our website, which will put your listing on the top of the list for your area.

Summary of major features:
  • Add your own listings in multiple towns or cities.
  • Update any listings you may have in our directory already.
  • Remove your listing.

First things first — Your Super Brokers account

Before you can use the listings backend you need to create a free Super Brokers account. Because the Super Brokers directories were originally compiled from various public sources, we need a way to relate all records to specific Internet users without giving everyone access to change everything. The process is simple:

  1. Create or log in with an account. Remember to check off Appraiser or Inspector as your relationship type.
  2. Go to the appraiser or inspector listing management page.
  3. Claim your listings so that control over them is given directly your account. (We'll do an email verification)
  4. Make any changes you like to your listings.

How to: Claim a listing so you can update or remove it

If you're coming in for the first time to change or remove some of the listings we've already created, you'll need to "claim" them before you can work with them. The claim process verifies your identity and tells our website that it should give your account control over these listings. If you're not already listed in our directory, you don't need to worry about claiming your listings.

Here are the steps to claim your listings:

  1. Log in to your Super Brokers account and go to the appraiser or inspector listing management page.
  2. Click the Claim Listings button
  3. Search for your name, company or email address, select your listings from the search results, and click "Claim Selected Listings"
  4. Verify the email addresses are correct and click "Send Confirmation"
  5. Check your email addresses, click the verification links, and refresh the listings management page.
  6. Your listings should be claimed now.

How to: Remove a listing

If you'd like to remove a listing from our directory, the easiest way to do it is from the manage listings page. Once logged in, you can remove any listing claimed to your account by simply clicking "Remove" next to the listing you want to remove.

  1. Claim your listings if necessary (See Above)
  2. Under My Listings click Unlist next to the listings you would like to remove.

How to: Update a listing

Once your Super Brokers account is set up and your listings have been claimed, it's fairly trivial to update them. Next to each listing under "My Listings" there's a link to "Modify" them. In a pop-up window you'll be able to change the details. All changes to listings are put through a quality-assurance process that may take up to two business days; after which, your changes will be published to the directory.

Basic steps:

  1. Claim your listings if necessary (See Above)
  2. Under My Listings click Modify next to the listings you would like to update.
  3. Make the changes in the form provided, and click "Modify"
  4. Super Brokers will do a QA process on the changes and publish them to the directory within 2 working days.

How to: Create a listing

You may create listings in several different cities where you provide your services.


  1. After logging in to your Super Brokers account, go to the listings manager.
  2. Click "Create Listing", and a pop-up will appear.
  3. Enter the details of your listing in the form and click Create.
  4. Super Brokers will perform the QA process and publish the new listing within 2 working days.
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