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Reinsurance Ceded

Synonyms:ceded reinsurance
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Definition of reinsurance ceded

reinsurance ceded
1. The portion of insurance that is shared with the reinsurer when the ceding party spreads risk.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • approved for reinsurance   A company that is certified to provide reinsurance in a certain area.
  • ceding party   In reinsurance, a ceding party is an insurance company that spreads liability to a reinsurer in order to lower risk.
  • direct written premiums   All the premiums written by an insurer except those ceded to reinsurers.
  • finite reinsurance   A reinsurance arrangement where the reinsurer only takes on a limited amount of risk from the ceding party.
  • Lloyd's of London   A market for insurance and reinsurance based in London, England where Lloyd's members, underwriters and financial backers can spread and share risk.
  • reinsurance   The process of one insurance company sharing liabilities from an insurance policy with another insurance company in order to lessen exposure, or in other words, insurance for insurers.
  • reinsurance recoverables to policyholder surplus   A method used to determine how much an insurer relies on reinsurance.
  • reinsurer   An insurance company that provides coverage for a portion of another insurance company's risk.
  • underlying retention   The liability an insurance company still retains after ceding liability to a reinsurer.

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