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Real Property

Synonyms:immovable property, property, real estate, realty
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Definition of real property

real property
1. Permanent, non-movable property, such as land and buildings. See also "Real Estate."

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • agreed boundary   Property lines that are drawn to settle a dispute between neighbouring property owners.
  • appreciation   An increase in the value of a property or item.
  • building and loan association   A financial institution designed to help members finance real-estate transactions.
  • chattel   Personal property that can be moved.
  • chattel mortgage   A loan backed by movable personal property. Generally mobile or trailer homes.
  • estate   The ownership interest of an individual in real property.
  • fixed assets (FA)   Assets like machinery, land, buildings, or property used in operating a business that will not be consumed or converted into cash during the current accounting period.
  • property report   A legal disclosure that developers of timeshare properties are required to give to prospective buyers.
  • real estate (RE)   A section of land including all the natural resources (above and below the surface) and any permanent buildings or structures located on it. Also known as "realty."
  • unaffiliated investments   Investments in assets made by an insurance company where they have no control over the assets.

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