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Mint Condition

Synonyms:excellent shape, perfect condition, unblemished, untarnished
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Tags: automotive, banking, realty

Definition of mint condition

mint condition
1. The state or appearance of a building, vehicle, or item that is like brand new.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • broom clean   Ready to be cleaned and painted. The term does not mean immaculate or spotless or entirely clean.
  • curb appeal   The look of a house when viewed from the street.
  • mop and glow   A term used inside the car industry to refer to add-ons, especially paint sealant, that do little to add to the value of a car, but a great deal to add to the dealer's profit.
  • resale value   The sales price that would be negotiated by a willing seller and buyer for an existing home or property.

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