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Definition of microeconomics

1. The study of the individual parts of the economy, with emphasis given to the market process and how it works.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • deflation   An actual decline in the general level of prices in the economy.
  • depreciation   The gradual loss of value of a building or other property because of age or natural wear.
  • depression   A prolonged downturn in the economy and level of business activity.
  • economic indicators   Statistics that help determine how the economy is faring. They include the Consumer Price Index, housing starts, and unemployment rates, among others.
  • fiscal policy   The use of government spending and taxation policies to influence the economy.
  • gross domestic product (GDP)   The total value of all the goods and services produced by the Canadian economy in a single year.
  • inflation   A rise in the average level of prices in the economy.
  • macroeconomics   A study of the economy as a whole, particularly the interaction of its various components.
  • monetary policy   The Bank of Canada's ability to influence the economy through changes in short-term interest rates and the money supply.
  • recession   A prolonged period (popularly defined as two successive quarters) in which economic activity shrinks.

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