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Market Conditions

Synonyms:real estate market conditions
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Tags: banking, investment, realty

Definition of market conditions

market conditions
1. Factors that can affect the sale of homes in a certain area. Such factors include interest rates, the unemployment rate, home appreciation, weather, time of year, etc.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • listing inventories   The dwellings for sale in a given market.
  • market value (MV)   Also known as "Fair Market Value." The estimated value of a property which a seller could expect to receive under normal conditions.
  • recession   A prolonged period (popularly defined as two successive quarters) in which economic activity shrinks.
  • seller's market   Due to either low supply or high demand, the seller can expect to sell quickly with a high sale price.
  • stagflation   A time period where the unemployment rate and the rate of inflation are both relatively high.

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