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Fixed Expenses

Synonyms:constant expenses, rigid expenses, static expenses
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Definition of fixed expenses (FE)

fixed expenses (FE)
1. Fixed business costs that do not change with the volume of business, such as rent for business premises, insurance payments, utilities, etc.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • expense   Costs incurred through a business's operations.
  • fixed instalment   Periodic (usually monthly) payment on a loan whose sum does not vary.
  • lease (lse)   A written agreement in which the property owner allows a tenant to use property in exchange for rent, and for a specified period. Or, a written agreement in which a car dealer allows a consumer to use a vehicle in exchange for payments for a specified period.
  • loss   When expenses are larger than revenues.
  • operational expenses (OpEx)   Costs accruing from a business's business operations.
  • other income/expenses   Any income or expenses earned or disbursed by a business that are not clearly associated to its core operations.
  • premium   A payment made to an insurance company for insurance coverage.
  • profit   When revenues exceed expenses.
  • tax deduction   An expense that governments allow you to subtract from your income before computing your income tax.

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