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Air Lock

Synonyms:mud room, passageway, vestibule
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Definition of air lock (AL)

air lock (AL)
1. A small room in a home with two doors, one door leads to the outside or garage and one leads into the rest of the house. Some air locks many contain a closet, washer/dryer or storage shelving.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • bonus room (bns rm)   A large multi-purpose room found in newer or larger homes.
  • den   An additional small room within a home often used as an office.
  • en suite   An en suite is a bathroom that is entered directly from ones.
  • flex room   A room within a home that can change usage to meet need.
  • florida room   An enclosed porch built on the back or side of a house, sometimes air-conditioned.
  • half-bath (hbh, ½ ba, ½ bath, ½ bth)   A room that contains a toilet and sink, but no tub or shower.
  • jack and jill bathroom   A bathroom shared by two bedrooms.
  • study   A room used for reading or work

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