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Acquisition Fee

Synonyms:acquirement, obtainment cost
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Tags: banking, mortgage

Definition of acquisition fee

acquisition fee
1. "Acquisition" is the act of buying or obtaining an item.
2. Some leasing companies charge a fee for initiating the original loan. This is similar to mortgage lenders who charge additional percentage points as an origination fee. This fee is often not specified in a contract, but is included in the cost when calculating monthly payments.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • disposition fee   A fee charged by some lessors at the end of a lease where the customer pays for the privilege of returning the vehicle.
  • origination fee   The fee a lender charges to process a loan. It usually includes the cost to prepare loan documents, check a borrower's credit history, inspect the property and sometimes conduct an appraisal. CanEquity will in most cases use a lender who doesn't charge this fee or we will cover the cost in full.

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