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Trade Terms

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Free on Board TrimmedSupport Measurement Unit
after sight (A/S)Acronym
Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)Acronym
  ➥  In relation to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)Acronym
American Selling Price (ASP)Acronym
bill of lading (B/L)Acronym
bulk supply tariff (BST)Acronym
business-to-consumer (B2C)Acronym
calling party pays (CPP)Acronym
carriage and insurance paid to (CIP)Acronym
carriage paid to (CPT)Acronym
cash against documents (CAD)Acronym
cash with order (CWO)Acronym
Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)Acronym
Classification Type pour le Commerce International (CTCI)Acronym
  ➥  The classification type for international trade.
commercial interest reference rate (CIRR)Acronym
Common Customs Tariff (CCT)Acronym
Common External Tariff (CET, CXT)Acronym
consumer nominal assistance coefficient (NACc)Abbreviation
cost and freight (CF, CFR)Acronym
cost, insurance, freight (CIF)Acronym
cost, insurance, freight and exchange (CIF&E)Acronym
cost-plus fixed fee contract (CPFF)Acronym
customer relationship management (CRM)Acronym
Customs Co-operation Council (CCC)Company
delivered at frontier (DAF)Acronym
delivered duty paid (DDP)Acronym
delivered duty unpaid (DDU)Acronym
delivered ex quay, duty paid (DEQ)Acronym
delivered ex ship (DES)Acronym
development import grants (DIG)Acronym
discounted unit cost (DUC)Acronym
do-it-yourself (DIY)Acronym
documents against acceptance (D/A)Acronym
domestic resource cost (DRC)Acronym
electricity forward agreement (EFA)Acronym
electronic bill presentment (EBP)Acronym
ex-works (EXW)Acronym
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)Acronym
export credit agencies (ECAs)Abbreviation
export credit guarantee (ECG)Acronym
export processing zone (EPZ)Acronym
fixed-price escalation price (FPEP)Acronym
fixed-price incentive (FPI)Acronym
Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)Acronym
free alongside ship (FAS)Acronym
free carrier (FCA)Acronym
free in (FI)Acronym
free in and out (FIO)Acronym
free of charge (FOC)Acronym
free on board (FOB)Acronym
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After Sight — Free on Board
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Free on Board TrimmedSupport Measurement Unit

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