Canadian Financial, Real Estate and Mortgage Glossary

Agent Terms

Accredited Senior Agent (ASA)Acronym (Accreditation)
agency or agent (Ag)Abbreviation (Property Listing, Classifieds)
  ➥  An individual or company appointed by the apartment to manage the building, collect rents, etc.
agent (agt)Definition (Property Listing, Mortgage, Insurance, Investment, Realty, Classifieds) (Investments, Mortgages, Real-estate, Insurance, Financial-banking, Abbreviation, Legal-contracts)
A person who acts on behalf of another. In real estate, an agent is a person who conducts transactions on behalf of sellers and sometimes buyers.
bonus to selling agent (BTSA)Acronym (Property Listing, Realty, Classifieds)
broker-agentDefinition (Banking, Insurance, Investment) (Investments, Insurance, Financial-banking)
An individual, usually in the employ of an insurance company, that is licensed as both an insurance broker and agent.
buyer agent commission (BAC)Acronym (Property Listing, Realty, Classifieds)
Refers to the sales commission earned by or due to the broker or agent representing the buyer in a real estate transaction.
buyer agent showing (BAS)Acronym (Property Listing, Realty, Classifieds)
Refers to the showing of a real estate listing by the broker or salesperson representing a prospective buyer.
captive agentDefinition (Insurance) (Insurance)
An insurance agent who uses a limited number of insurance companies, or a single insurance company, when finding products for their clients.
Certified Investment Agent Specialist (CIAS)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
commission (comm)Definition (Mortgage, Insurance, Investment, Realty, Classifieds, Property Listing, Broker) (Investments, Mortgages, Real-estate, Insurance, Financial-banking, Abbreviation)
A fee paid to a salesperson for selling a product to a customer.
dual agentDefinition (Realty) (Real-estate)
A real estate agent who acts for both parties in a property sale.
escrow agentDefinition (Banking, Contract, Mortgage, Legal, Realty) (Mortgages, Real-estate, Financial-banking, Legal-contracts)
A neutral third party who holds the documents and money in a real-estate transfer until all conditions are met.
exclusive agent (EA)Acronym (Property Listing, Realty, Classifieds)
Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
Exclusive Seller's Agent (ESA)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
L'Association canadienne des agents financiers (ACAF)Company Est.1988
  ➥  French acronym for Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO).
Licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
owner agent (OA)Acronym (Property Listing, Realty, Classifieds)
Owner Is a Licensed Real Estate Agent (OLREA)Acronym (Property Listing, Realty) (Designation)
Professional Real Estate Agent (PREA)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
real estate agentDefinition (Realty) (Real-estate)
A person who is licensed to represent a buyer or seller of land and the buildings and other improvements on it.
real estate brokerDefinition (Broker, Realty) (Real-estate)
An individual who is licensed to represent a buyer or a seller of real estate and collects commissions for the work. Most brokers have agents working for them and they collect a portion of those commissions in exchange for providing office space, marketing, and other overhead.
Registered Real Estate Agent (RREA)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
Senior Right of Way Agent (SRWA)Acronym (Realty) (Designation)
subagentDefinition (Realty) (Real-estate)
A real estate agent who finds a buyer for a property, and is not the property's listing agent. The subagent usually earns a portion of the commission.

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