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Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) — Company Est.2002, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) — Company Est.1990, Canada, Important
  ➥  Canadian lobby group.
Canadian Western Bank (CWB) — Company, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Important
  ➥  A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
Canadian Western Trust (CWT) — Company Est.1987, Canada-wide, Important
Canadiana Financial Corp. (CFC) — Company Est.2010, Canada-wide excluding Quebec and the Territories
  ➥  A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers mortgages for 1-4 multi-family units.
Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH) — Company Est.2004, Canada
cancellation clauseDefinition
A provision in a lease or other contract that spells out under what conditions the parties can call off the deal.
A limit imposed on an item.
Money that is used to make money; for example, to buy rental property or a business.
capital adequacy ratioDefinition
A ratio of total capital divided by risk-weighted assets and risk-weighted off-balance sheet items. A bank is expected to meet a minimum capital ratio of 8.0% unless a higher ratio is specifically prescribed by the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.
capital adequacy requirement (CAR) — Acronym
  ➥  A level of capital required in order to support an insurance business.
capital assetsDefinition
Items that you own for investment or personal purposes, such as stocks, bonds or stamp collections. When you sell a capital asset, depending on the price you earn a capital gain or a capital loss. Gains are taxed at a special rate, and losses can be used in many cases to reduce the amount that is taxed. See also "Capital Gain" or "Capital Loss."
capital cost allowance (CCA)Canada
Capital Cost Allowance is a method of expensing depreciable assets as defined by the Canadian Income Tax Act (ITA).
capital expenditureDefinition
The cost of making an improvement to a property.
capital gain (CG)Definition, Important
The profit made by the seller when real estate or other capital assets are sold. Capital gains are taxed more favourably than earned income. However, this can be dependent on your tax bracket and the length of time you owned the asset before it was sold. You could pay approximately one-third to one-half less tax than you would pay on the same amount of earned salary.
capital gain distributionDefinition
When the fund sells some of its assets, you receive capital gain distributions or a portion from the sale. This distribution is regarded as a capital gain, not as ordinary dividends such as the interest gained from a bank account. It is important to separate capital gain distributions from ordinary dividends because capital gains are taxed more favourably.
capital gains tax (CGT)Canada
A tax on profits from the sale of real estate or investments.
capital improvementDefinition
Any permanent structure or other asset added to a property that adds to its value.
capital improvement fee (CIF) — Acronym
capital improvement fund (CIF) — Acronym
capital investmentsDefinition
Money used to purchase permanent fixed assets for a business, such as machinery, land or buildings as opposed to day-to-day operating expenses.
capital lossDefinition
When an asset is sold for less than what you paid, or less than its adjusted basis, it is a capital loss. However, when it comes to taxes a capital loss is not always bad because you can use it to reduce the amount of income being taxed by the amount of the loss, up to $3,000 per year. If your loss is more significant, the excess (or capital loss carryover) can be carried forward indefinitely until the total loss is used.
An estimate of the value of a rental or commercial property using the rate of return on investment and the property's annual net operating income.
capitalization rateDefinition
An estimated percentage rate of return that a property will produce on the owner's investment.
capitalized costDefinition
A leasing term that refers to the price of the car. The lower the capitalized cost, the lower the monthly lease payment. The cap cost is negotiable and can be reduced by a cash down payment, trade-in or a manufacturer's rebate; it can be increased by the loan acquisition fee or costs left over from a previous lease.
captive agentDefinition
An insurance agent who uses a limited number of insurance companies, or a single insurance company, when finding products for their clients.
captive finance companyDefinition
A finance company related to a specific dealer or manufacturer.
An outing in which a group of real-estate agents look at houses that have been listed for sale recently.
card holder agreementDefinition
A written agreement or contract between a credit card holder and the credit issuer that details the terms and conditions of a credit card account. This agreement must include the Annual Percentage Rate, the monthly minimum payment formula, the annual fee if applicable, and the cardholder's rights in billing disputes. Changes to the agreement can be made at any time by the issuer with prior written notice.
card identification number (CID) — Acronym
  ➥  Also known as Card Security Code (CSC).
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