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Controlled Growth — Cost of Insurance
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controlled growthDefinition
A set of restrictions set by local government that governs the amount, type and density of new construction.
conventional mortgageDefinition, Important
A mortgage that is not insured or guaranteed by CMHC or GE Capital.
conventional mortgage home price index (CMHPI) — Acronym
conventional progress advance mortgage (CPAM) — Acronym
conversion clauseDefinition
A provision that may appear in an adjustable-rate loan agreement allowing the loan to be changed to a fixed-interest rate loan, usually for an additional charge.
conversion privilegeDefinition
An option where an insurance company is required to update, renew or convert an insurance policy with level premiums at the end of the policy's term without a medical exam.
convertible armDefinition
An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that can be converted to a fixed-rate mortgage under certain conditions.
convertible life insuranceDefinition
A type of term life insurance policy that has the option to be converted into a permanent life insurance policy such as whole or universal life insurance.
convertible mortgageDefinition, Important
A mortgage where the borrower has the option at specified times to change the term length.
convertible unsecured loan stock (CULS) — Acronym
To move something.
conveyance taxDefinition
A tax on the transfer of real property.
cooperating brokerDefinition
A real-estate broker who finds a buyer for a property and initiates a negotiation and shares in a commission.
A residential project owned by a cooperative corporation. Residents own shares in the cooperation, which in turn gives them the right to live in the project.
cooperative mortgageDefinition, Important
A loan that allows the borrower to buy into a co-op project.
Cooperators Life Insurance Company (CLIC) — Company, Canada-wide
  ➥  A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
core consumer price index (CPIX) — Acronym
This measure strips out eight of the most volatile CPI components (fruit, vegetables, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, mortgage interest, intercity transportation, and tobacco products), as well as the effect of changes in indirect taxes on the remaining components. The Bank also monitors other measures of underlying (“core”) inflation.
  ➥  Bank of Canada's measure of core inflation.
corporate and investment banking (CIB) — Acronym
corporate bankingDefinition
Banking services for large firms.
corporate banking and financial markets (CBFM) — Acronym
corporate real estate (CRE) — Acronym
corporate relocationDefinition
When a company relocates to a new office.
corporate-to-bank (C2B) — Acronym
A legal entity that is legally separate from its owners and employees.
corrective workDefinition
Repairs or maintenance that a buyer requests be done on a house before closing.
correspondent bankDefinition
A bank that holds deposits of another bank, usually a smaller bank, and in turn provides certain banking services that may not be readily available to the smaller bank.
cost basisDefinition
The original price paid for an investment which is also known as the basis or tax basis. The cost basis includes any commissions or fees paid when the investment was purchased.
cost of funds (COF) — Acronym
cost of goods sold (COGS)Definition
An expense that appears on a business's income statement and represents the inventory cost of the goods sold during a particular period.
cost of insurance (COI) — Acronym, Important
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Consolidated Net...Contributory Negligence
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Controlled Growth — Cost of Insurance
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Cost of Living AdjustmentCredit Life Insurance

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