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Attic FanCeramic Tile
1 car garage (1C)Acronym (Abbreviation)
1 living level (1 LV)Acronym (Abbreviation)
2 car garage (2C)Acronym (Abbreviation)
2 living levels (2 LV)Acronym (Abbreviation)
3+ car garage (multi)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms (4/3)Acronym (Abbreviation)
4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / 2 car garage (4/3/2)Acronym (Abbreviation)
a-1 condition (A-1 cond)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
In very good condition.
above-ground swimming pool (PL-A, a/g pl)Acronym & Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
abstract of title (ab)Definition (Mortgages, Real-estate, Abbreviation, Legal-contracts)
A written history of all the transactions that bear on the title to a specific piece of land. An abstract of title covers the time from when the property was first sold to the present.
  ➥  AB is a common abbreviation for Abstract of Title when used in property listings and real estate classifieds.
access (accs)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
accessories (access.)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
accommodations (acomm)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
account (acct)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
accountant (acct)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
accounting (Acctg)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
acre(s) (ac)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
active (act., actv)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
  ➥  An abbreviation used in multiple listing services signifying that a property is available for purchase.
additional (addl)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
  ➥  As in additional land or property available.
adjacent (adj)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
adjoining (adj)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
administrative (Admin)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
administrator (admin)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
advance (adv)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
advertisement (ad)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
aerial photo (aerl)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
  ➥  The abbreviation "arel" is commonly used in property listings. Indicates that an aerial photograph of the property is available.
after (aft)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
agency (agcy)Definition (Investments, Mortgages, Real-estate, Insurance, Financial-banking, Abbreviation, Legal-contracts)
A relationship between two parties -- a client and an agent -- in which the agent represents the client in transactions with a third party.
agency approved (APPR)Acronym (Abbreviation)
agent (agt)Definition (Investments, Mortgages, Real-estate, Insurance, Financial-banking, Abbreviation, Legal-contracts)
A person who acts on behalf of another. In real estate, an agent is a person who conducts transactions on behalf of sellers and sometimes buyers.
agricultural (agri)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
  ➥  The abbreviation "agri" is commonly used in property listings. Indicates that the parcel for sale, or a portion of it, is zoned or can be used for agricultural or farming purposes.
air conditioning (A/C, air cond)Acronym & Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
aluminum (alm, alum.)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
antique (antq)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
apartment (apt)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
appliances (appl)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
appointment (appt)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
appraisal or appraiser (ap)Definition (Abbreviation)
An estimate of the market value of a piece of real estate made by a competent professional who knows local real estate prices and markets.
approximate (approx)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
architecture, architectural or architect (arch.)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
asbestos (asb)Definition (Real-estate, Abbreviation)
A fire-resistant element that once was commonly used for insulation. It poses a lung hazard.
assessed value (AV, ast)Definition (Mortgages, Real-estate, Taxation, Abbreviation)
A municipal or provincial government's determination of a property's worth for tax purposes.
assigned (assg)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
  ➥  As in assigned parking.
assigned storage (stor)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
assistant (asst)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
associate (assoc)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
association (assn)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
assumption (asm)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
attached (att, attd)Definition (Real-estate, Abbreviation)
Something that is affixed to a property.
  ➥  As in attached garage.
attachment (attach)Abbreviation (Abbreviation)
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1 Car Garage — Attachment
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Attic FanCeramic Tile

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